Friday, January 12, 2018

Courage for Each Day

The Price of Disobedience

In Deuteronomy Ch.1 We see that the price of disobedience is costly.

God will will give us many opportunities to change from  willful disobedience to trusting and obeying Him.  However, if we continue to live in indifference and stubbornness, it will cost us greatly.  

I John 1:9 -   shows us how to make  a change in our  direction from disobedience to obedience.
"If we confess  our  sins,  He is faithful  and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness".

The right path

Thursday, January 4, 2018

In Christ Alone

Oh, my Lord, how beautiful you are! Your feet are so sure of each step, never faltering along the path we take.  Your hands, calloused and scarred from working hard all the day long for us.
Your eyes, Oh, my Lord, when I think of looking into your eyes, I see the love you have for me.  The peacefulness and calmness that is there just melts away all the fears, doubts and cares in my life.  Then I know just how much you love me.  I see that love, all the love I long for, in your eyes. 

You hold your shoulders erect and your head high.  When I am afraid, you place your strong arms around me.  The comfort and tenderness that come from you then is more than I can express.

I have been afraid Lord, walking this road. I can't see anything.  I've been wondering where we were going.  All you said when we started out was that I would be glad we came this way.
It seems like we're going in the wrong direction Lord, but last night I began to realize that in my anxiousness, I have forgotten who was with me.  I wasn't enjoying our time together.  I have been so tied up in my own thoughts. 

I seems I can almost smell the fragrance of a summer night along this road, and the fresh green foliage of the woods, honeysuckle and the flowering trees.  It seems I can feel the strength of your hand over mine. 

Oh, my Lord, what have I been missing?  I can see now Lord, it's not as dark.  
I love you Lord.  I am sorry if I have caused you pain by my unbelief in your love and care for me.   
 (Carolyn Ammons)