Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Okay to Ask God Questions

Many people wonder if it's okay to question God when life gets hard.

  We all have tough questions that we would like answered as we walk through this life.  Several years ago as I was pondering over some of my life issues, I found answers that brought great peace and understanding to me.  I would like to share those thoughts with you in hope that you will find the answers and comfort you're searching for.

Question:  Will God ever ask too much of us? 

God wants to see walls that we have erected come crumbling down.  He wants to bring us up out of a pit we may be in.  He desires to free us from the prison bars of sin. He wants to be the one who makes that happen.

Question:  Do we comprehend the power and authority of the One we are seeking answers from when we invoke the name of God?

God is omnipotent, that is all powerful.  His word alone can defeat any enemy, and break any power. When we allow Him to speak to our problems, walls crumble beneath our feet.  God's word brings physical and spiritual healing, and destroys any army or force; nothing is too difficult for God.

In those times when we stand helpless before the enemy and cry out to God, He will be our defense.  The way that God chooses to help us may not be the way we would have chosen, but it will always be the best way.  I have found that when I lay down my will for God's will, life becomes so much better!

Do you have questions in your life today?

I encourage you to bring all your questions to God today, lay down your plans and accept His plans for you,  and the Invincible God, Jehovah, will defeat any enemy that comes before you.  He will enable you to walk through your sea of problems to a life of peace even in the midst of all the issues you may encounter in life.

No power, no force, no army, 
no demons can ever defeat our God!

Surrendering our will to God  means letting Him have complete charge and control of our lives.  I know that the thought of someone controlling us is scary sounding, but God does not take away our free will.  He merely asks that we believe that He loves us, and desires for us to be all that we were created to be.   He is the only One we can trust completely because He is not just truthful,  He is Truth.  There is no one else anywhere that can help us and give peace and deliverance from anything like God.

Let's quit saying, "Lord, if it's your will...It is His will to deliver us, and He will always give us the freedom to allow His desires to be done. You and I never need be fearful of the outcome He brings when we do life His way, for the outcome will always be better than anything we would have imagined possible.  

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Still no answer?

If you've been questioning God about something in your life, and are struggling with waiting patiently on His answer, let us know in the comments below.  We'd love to join you in your continued prayer over this matter. 

Or perhaps there are those out there who would say, "I waited and waited on an answer from the Lord for a long time, and I finally received it!" We would love to hear from you!

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