Friday, June 26, 2015

The Lesson From My Wind Chime

     I have a wind chime that hangs on my porch  which has several chimes dangling in a row with weights at the bottom to keep them straight.

     One morning, while eating breakfast, I noticed there was barely any movement to the chimes.  The wind wasn't blowing much, so I didn't think it unusual.

     I sat there watching it and began to think how our lives are like a wind chime.  Sometimes, it seems the Spirit of God is with us, but we can't 'feel' His presence.  There seems to be little movement.

     As I sat watching the chime, all of a sudden, I noticed  the strings were tangled at the bottom.  The weights were tangled around each other.  It was something I had seen happen many times before since hanging the chime.

     I went out on the porch and began untangling the strings, thinking to myself,  maybe there's  no movement because the strings are tangled.  Then God began speaking this to my heart:

     Very often our lives are like those tangled strings.  We get ourselves so tangled up in life's problems and weighted down dealing with life, that we can barely feel God's Spirit moving in our lives.  It seems He may not be helping us at all.  However, if we allow Him to untangle us, then His Spirit can move freely in our lives.  He can refresh us and breathe His life into us so that we are renewed and empowered to face life again.

     Sometimes God's Spirit is almost undetectable to us when we are all tied up in life's issues, but when we turn to Him for help, He breathes on us and causes our spirits to sing and play a beautiful melody for everyone to hear.

Thanks to JenElizabeth for 
the use of her image "Wind Chimes"  

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